Experts presented new mining technologies at the international forum in Novosibirsk

Mining professionals came to Novosibirsk to discuss industry prospects. They reflected on their experience and new technologies at the international forum.

In emergency the phone will function and, moreover, will direct miners upwards. The technology was developed in Russia. Mining professionals at the exhibition: navigation systems, extraction equipment, heavy machinery.

Pavel Tiunov, reporter: ‘Over 100 mining companies are taking part in the forum. They came from all over Russia and abroad. Companies from USA, Germany, Spain, and Australia present their up-to-date solutions.’

Unlike, for instance, the neighboring Kemerovo Region, the Novosibirsk Region is not historically a mining territory. Nevertheless, Siberian Anthracite that extracts coal in the Iskitim District is said to be the world’s largest producer.

Sergey Kolomnikov, Vice CEO, Siberian Anthracite: ‘At the forum, we can promote ourselves, market our products, on one hand, and, on the other hand, learn about new technologies and new ideas for mining.’ Today, coal-mining plays an important role in the local economy, the Administration states.

Sergey Semka, the Minister of Industry of the Novosibirsk Region: ‘The company made a decision and set goals, set aims — twofold increase in extraction during the short period. In order to do this, the company developed new technologies.’

Coal of high purity. 97% is exported. The producer is one of the key regional taxpayers.